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......@@ -52,87 +52,87 @@
* Module: axi_regs
* Date: 2015-07-11
* Author: Alexey
* Description: slave axi interface buffer
* Copyright (c) 2015 Elphel, Inc.
* axi_regs.v is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* axi_regs.v file is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program. If not, see <> .
* Additional permission under GNU GPL version 3 section 7:
* If you modify this Program, or any covered work, by linking or combining it
* with independent modules provided by the FPGA vendor only (this permission
* does not extend to any 3-rd party modules, "soft cores" or macros) under
* different license terms solely for the purpose of generating binary "bitstream"
* files and/or simulating the code, the copyright holders of this Program give
* you the right to distribute the covered work without those independent modules
* as long as the source code for them is available from the FPGA vendor free of
* charge, and there is no dependence on any encrypted modules for simulating of
* the combined code. This permission applies to you if the distributed code
* contains all the components and scripts required to completely simulate it
* with at least one of the Free Software programs.
//`include "axibram_read.v"
//`include "axibram_write.v"
module axi_regs(
input wire ACLK, // AXI PS Master GP1 Clock , input
input wire ARESETN, // AXI PS Master GP1 Reset, output
// AXI PS Master GP1: Read Address
input wire [31:0] ARADDR, // AXI PS Master GP1 ARADDR[31:0], output
input wire ARVALID, // AXI PS Master GP1 ARVALID, output
output wire ARREADY, // AXI PS Master GP1 ARREADY, input
input wire [11:0] ARID, // AXI PS Master GP1 ARID[11:0], output
input wire [3:0] ARLEN, // AXI PS Master GP1 ARLEN[3:0], output
input wire [1:0] ARSIZE, // AXI PS Master GP1 ARSIZE[1:0], output
input wire [1:0] ARBURST, // AXI PS Master GP1 ARBURST[1:0], output
// AXI PS Master GP1: Read Data
output wire [31:0] RDATA, // AXI PS Master GP1 RDATA[31:0], input
output wire RVALID, // AXI PS Master GP1 RVALID, input
input wire RREADY, // AXI PS Master GP1 RREADY, output
output wire [11:0] RID, // AXI PS Master GP1 RID[11:0], input
output wire RLAST, // AXI PS Master GP1 RLAST, input
output wire [1:0] RRESP, // AXI PS Master GP1 RRESP[1:0], input
// AXI PS Master GP1: Write Address
input wire [31:0] AWADDR, // AXI PS Master GP1 AWADDR[31:0], output
input wire AWVALID, // AXI PS Master GP1 AWVALID, output
output wire AWREADY, // AXI PS Master GP1 AWREADY, input
input wire [11:0] AWID, // AXI PS Master GP1 AWID[11:0], output
input wire [3:0] AWLEN, // AXI PS Master GP1 AWLEN[3:0], outpu:t
input wire [1:0] AWSIZE, // AXI PS Master GP1 AWSIZE[1:0], output
input wire [1:0] AWBURST, // AXI PS Master GP1 AWBURST[1:0], output
// AXI PS Master GP1: Write Data
input wire [31:0] WDATA, // AXI PS Master GP1 WDATA[31:0], output
input wire WVALID, // AXI PS Master GP1 WVALID, output
output wire WREADY, // AXI PS Master GP1 WREADY, input
input wire [11:0] WID, // AXI PS Master GP1 WID[11:0], output
input wire WLAST, // AXI PS Master GP1 WLAST, output
input wire [3:0] WSTRB, // AXI PS Master GP1 WSTRB[3:0], output
// AXI PS Master GP1: Write response
output wire BVALID, // AXI PS Master GP1 BVALID, input
input wire BREADY, // AXI PS Master GP1 BREADY, output
output wire [11:0] BID, // AXI PS Master GP1 BID[11:0], input
output wire [1:0] BRESP, // AXI PS Master GP1 BRESP[1:0], input
// registers iface
input wire [31:0] bram_rdata,
output wire [31:0] bram_waddr,
output wire [31:0] bram_wdata,
output wire [31:0] bram_raddr,
output wire [3:0] bram_wstb,
output wire bram_wen,
output wire bram_ren,
output wire bram_regen
* Converntional MAXI interface from x393 project
// Interface's instantiation
axibram_write #(
.aclk (ACLK),
.arst (ARESETN),
.awaddr (AWADDR),
.awvalid (AWVALID),
.awready (AWREADY),
.awid (AWID),
.awlen (AWLEN),
.awsize (AWSIZE),
.awburst (AWBURST),
.wdata (WDATA),
.wvalid (WVALID),
.wready (WREADY),
.wid (WID),
.wlast (WLAST),
.wstb (WSTRB),
.bvalid (BVALID),
.bready (BREADY),
.bid (BID),
.bresp (BRESP),
.pre_awaddr (),
.start_burst (),
.dev_ready (1'b1),
.bram_wclk (),
.bram_waddr (bram_waddr[15:0]),
.pre_bram_wen (),
.bram_wen (bram_wen),
.bram_wstb (bram_wstb),
.bram_wdata (bram_wdata)
axibram_read #(
.aclk (ACLK),
.arst (ARESETN),
.araddr (ARADDR),
.arvalid (ARVALID),
.arready (ARREADY),
.arid (ARID),
.arlen (ARLEN),
.arsize (ARSIZE),
.arburst (ARBURST),
.rdata (RDATA),
.rvalid (RVALID),
.rready (RREADY),
.rid (RID),
.rlast (RLAST),
.rresp (RRESP),
.pre_araddr (),
.start_burst (),
.dev_ready (1'b1),
.bram_rclk (),
.bram_raddr (bram_raddr[15:0]),
.bram_ren (bram_ren),
.bram_regen (bram_regen),
.bram_rdata (bram_rdata)
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