Commit cb0bd828 authored by Andrey Filippov's avatar Andrey Filippov

configuration to run with the driver

parent e2daa176
-f /usr/local/verilog/system_defines.vh
-f /usr/local/verilog/x393_parameters.vh /usr/local/verilog/x393_cur_params_target.vh /usr/local/verilog/x393_localparams.vh
-l /usr/local/verilog/x393_cur_params_target.vh
-p PICKLE="/usr/local/verilog/x393_mcntrl.pickle
-c bitstream_set_path /usr/local/verilog/x393_parallel.bit
-c specify_phys_memory
-c specify_window
-c set_qtables all 0 80
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