Commit 93e0705e authored by Oleg Dzhimiev's avatar Oleg Dzhimiev

moved project file - Eclipse likes to modify them

parent 628f7373
# tensorflow-feed-from-gpu
Simple TF test
## Setup in Eclipse
**Eclipse 2019-12**:
After getting the project:
~$ ./
From **Eclipse (2019-12)**:
* File > Open Projects from File System...
* Directory... > navigate to project's root
* The project will build but the indexer will not work because Eclipse does not like anything cmake related.
......@@ -10,7 +10,6 @@
<storageModule moduleId="org.eclipse.cdt.core.pathentry">
<pathentry kind="src" path=""/>
<pathentry excluding="**/CMakeFiles/**" kind="out" path="build"/>
<storageModule moduleId="org.eclipse.cdt.core.LanguageSettingsProviders"/>
cp -v eclipse_project_setup/.cproject .
cp -v eclipse_project_setup/.project .
echo "OK"
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