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# Optimizied Video Object Detection
# tensorflow-feed-from-gpu
The completed application runs any [Model Zoo]( style object detector in Tensorflow mode (default) and an Inception V2 SSD detector converted from Tensorflow graph to UFF format recognized by TensorRT in TensorRT mode (-t).
## Setup in Eclipse
## Setting up the environment
**Eclipse 2019-12**:
Read these [series of posts](
## Building the app
* Clone the [repo](
* Get the frozen graph and the class labels files for Tensorflow from [here](
* Get the [frozen graph for TensorRT]( The class labels file should be available in `/usr/src/tensorrt/data/ssd` directory.
* Build:
mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. # cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug
## Running
Command line options are described in [`main.cpp`](">):
const String keys =
"{d display |1 | view video while objects are detected}"
"{t tensorrt|false | use tensorrt}"
"{i int8|false| use INT8 (requires callibration)}"
"{v video | | video for detection}"
"{graph ||frozen graph location}"
"{labels ||trained labels filelocation}";
Examples are in `run_*.sh` files in the sources directory. Worth mentioning:
-d=0 - run without UX, print out framerate only. -d=2 run with UX
-t - TensorRT graph
-t -i - TensorRT graph with INT8 precision.
## Slowdown due to UX
The application uses a bare-bones OpenCV UI for visual feedback (`imshow`) and that causes a significant perf hit, so to measure actual performance we run with `-d=0` which suppresses the UI.
* File > Open Projects from File System...
* Directory... > navigate to project's root
* The project will build but the indexer will not work because Eclipse does not like anything cmake related.
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