Commit b8430129 authored by Andrey Filippov's avatar Andrey Filippov

stuffer/trailer generator with alternative input for raw data

parent a22c0250
* <b>Module:</b>huffman_stuffer_raw_meta
* @file huffman_stuffer_raw_meta.v
* @date 2015-10-26
* @author Andrey Filippov
* @brief Wrapper for several JPEG/JP4 compression modules. It includes
* - Huffman encoder (huffman_snglclk),
* - bit stuffer (bit_stuffer_27_32),
* - escapes 0xff with 0x00 (bit_stuffer_escape)
* - inserts meta-data (timestamp and data length) (bit_stuffer_metadata)
* This is a "new" (made for x393 project) part of the JPEG/JP4 comressor
* that eliminates use of the double frequency clock.
* @copyright Copyright (c) 2015 Elphel, Inc .
* <b>License:</b>
* huffman_stuffer_raw_meta.v is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* huffman_stuffer_raw_meta.v is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program. If not, see <> .
* Additional permission under GNU GPL version 3 section 7:
* If you modify this Program, or any covered work, by linking or combining it
* with independent modules provided by the FPGA vendor only (this permission
* does not extend to any 3-rd party modules, "soft cores" or macros) under
* different license terms solely for the purpose of generating binary "bitstream"
* files and/or simulating the code, the copyright holders of this Program give
* you the right to distribute the covered work without those independent modules
* as long as the source code for them is available from the FPGA vendor free of
* charge, and there is no dependence on any encrypted modules for simulating of
* the combined code. This permission applies to you if the distributed code
* contains all the components and scripts required to completely simulate it
* with at least one of the Free Software programs.
`timescale 1ns/1ps
module huffman_stuffer_raw_meta(
input mclk, // system clock to write tables
input mrst,
input xclk, // pixel clock, sync to incoming data
input en_huffman, // @xclk
input en_stuffer, // @xclk
input abort_stuffer, // @ any, valid ffor raw also
// Interface to program Huffman tables
input tser_we, // enable write to a table
input tser_a_not_d, // address/not data distributed to submodules
input [ 7:0] tser_d, // byte-wide serialized tables address/data to submodules
// Input data
input [15:0] di, // [15:0] specially RLL prepared 16-bit data (to FIFO) (sync to xclk)
input ds, // di valid strobe (sync to xclk)
// time stamping - will copy time at the end of color_first (later than the first hact after vact in the current frame, but before the next one
// and before the data is needed for output
input ts_pre_stb, // @mclk - 1 cycle before receiving 8 bytes of timestamp data
input [7:0] ts_data, // timestamp data (s0,s1,s2,s3,us0,us1,us2,us3==0)
//TODO: Should be generated for raw also
input color_first, // @fradv_clk only used for timestamp
// RAW mode ports, all @ xclk
input raw_mode, // operating in raw mode (uncompressed)
input raw_be16, // swap byte pairs to outut 16-bit big endian data
input [7:0] raw_bytes, // raw bypass byte data in little endian order
input raw_start, // single-cycle set "running"
input raw_prefb, // 1 cycle before sequence of 4 bytes
input raw_ts_copy, // single-cycle copy timestamp (some time before flush)
input raw_flush, // flush remaining data, length and timestamp
// outputs @ negedge clk
output [31:0] data_out, // [31:0] output data
output data_out_valid,// output data valid
output done, // reset by !en, goes high after some delay after flushing
output running, // from registering timestamp until done
input clk_flush, // other clock to generate synchronized 1-cycle flush_clk output
output flush_clk // 1-cycle flush output @ clk_flush
,output test_lbw,
output gotLastBlock, // last block done - flush the rest bits
output [3:0] dbg_etrax_dma
,output dbg_ts_rstb
,output [7:0] dbg_ts_dout
wire [26:0] huffman_do27;
wire [4:0] huffman_dl;
wire huffman_dv;
wire huffman_flush;
wire huffman_last_block;
wire [31:0] stuffer_do32;
wire [1:0] stuffer_bytes;
wire stuffer_dv;
wire stuffer_flush_out;
wire [31:0] escape_do32;
wire [1:0] escape_bytes;
wire escape_dv;
wire escape_flush_out;
huffman_snglclk huffman_snglclk_i (
.xclk (xclk), // input
.rst (~en_huffman), // input
.mclk (mclk), // input
.tser_we (tser_we), // input
.tser_a_not_d (tser_a_not_d), // input
.tser_d (tser_d), // input[7:0]
.di (di), // input[15:0]
.ds (ds), // input
.do27 (huffman_do27), // output[26:0]
.dl (huffman_dl), // output[4:0]
.dv (huffman_dv), // output
.flush (huffman_flush), // output
.last_block (huffman_last_block), // output
.test_lbw (test_lbw),
.gotLastBlock (gotLastBlock), // last block done - flush the rest bits
.test_lbw (),
.gotLastBlock (), // last block done - flush the rest bits
.clk_flush (clk_flush), // input
.flush_clk (flush_clk), // output
.fifo_or_full() // output
bit_stuffer_27_32 #(
) bit_stuffer_27_32_i (
.xclk (xclk), // input
.rst (~en_huffman), // input
.din (huffman_do27), // input[26:0]
.dlen (huffman_dl), // input[4:0]
.ds (huffman_dv), // input
.flush_in (huffman_flush), // input
.d_out (stuffer_do32), // output[31:0]
.bytes_out (stuffer_bytes), // output[1:0] reg
.dv (stuffer_dv), // output reg
.flush_out (stuffer_flush_out) // output reg
bit_stuffer_escape bit_stuffer_escape_i (
.xclk (xclk), // input
.rst (~en_huffman), // input
.din (stuffer_do32), // input[31:0]
.bytes_in (stuffer_bytes), // input[1:0]
.in_stb (stuffer_dv), // input
.flush_in (stuffer_flush_out), // input
.d_out (escape_do32), // output[31:0] reg
.bytes_out (escape_bytes), // output[1:0] reg
.dv (escape_dv), // output reg
.flush_out (escape_flush_out) // output reg
// TODO: Insert raw data here, always 4x bytes (actually 16*16*(1..2))
bit_stuffer_raw_metadata bit_stuffer_metadata_i (
.mclk (mclk), // input
.mrst (mrst), // input
.xclk (xclk), // input
.xrst (~en_stuffer), // input
.last_block (huffman_last_block), // input TODO: leading edge is needed for raw (to xfer timestamp) - not anymore
.ts_pre_stb (ts_pre_stb), // input
.ts_data (ts_data), // input[7:0]
.color_first (color_first), // input
.din (escape_do32), // input[31:0]
.bytes_in (escape_bytes), // input[1:0]
.in_stb (escape_dv), // input
.flush (escape_flush_out), // input
.abort (abort_stuffer), // input
.raw_mode (raw_mode), // input
.raw_be16 (raw_be16), // input
.raw_bytes (raw_bytes), // input[7:0]
.raw_start (raw_start), // input
.raw_prefb (raw_prefb), // input
.raw_ts_copy (raw_ts_copy), // input
.raw_flush (raw_flush), // input
.data_out (data_out), // output[31:0] reg
.data_out_valid (data_out_valid), // output reg
.done (done), // output reg
.running (running) // output reg
,.dbg_etrax_dma (dbg_etrax_dma), // output[3:0] reg
.dbg_ts_rstb (dbg_ts_rstb), // output
.dbg_ts_dout (dbg_ts_dout) // output[7:0]
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