Commit 975ade6b authored by Andrey Filippov's avatar Andrey Filippov

Fixewd problems in generated files

parent 8f1d2d4d
......@@ -1451,8 +1451,11 @@ class X393ExportC(object):
4 * (vrlg.CMDFRAMESEQ_ADDR_BASE + vrlg.CMDFRAMESEQ_ABS), 4*vrlg.CMDFRAMESEQ_ADDR_INC, first_index_name)
s+= '{frame &= PARS_FRAMES_MASK; spin_lock(&lock); '
s+= 'writel(%s, mio_ptr + %s); '%(address32,reg_addr)
s+= 'writel(d, mio_ptr + %s); '%(reg_addr)
s+= 'writel(%s, mmio_ptr + %s); '%(address32,reg_addr)
if data_type == "u32":
s+= 'writel(d, mmio_ptr + %s); '%(reg_addr)
s+= 'writel(d.d32, mmio_ptr + %s); '%(reg_addr)
s+= 'spin_unlock(&lock);}'
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