Commit 75477a7c authored by Andrey Filippov's avatar Andrey Filippov

rotated data to compare

parent 09228f9d
// DTT rotated, shift_x=-0.234375. shift_y = 0.078125
// DTT rotated range: -792.799879 ... 442.768833
305a3f 1f8d017 43a29 1fd933f 1220d 32594 1fbb723 3df15
11df 3245e 1f984f4 5ab49 1fd0678 1fea9a6 4d9c7 1f89eba
1ffb9c3 1fec637 16c48 1ff58d1 1c2c 1ff09b4 1fff19a 1ff12a1
1cd77 1f72125 add02 1f63487 5d47d 12026 1faa1f9 818f7
1fe28b0 b175 1fd70c4 11de3 f4d0 1fcdb9d 463d2 1fbe8ca
1fe2f9f 3cb63 1fa55da 3e428 1fef842 1fd6e89 578d7 1fb71a5
1e540 1fbf806 6256c 1fc35fb 1db88 6ad4 1fc8cf5 4beb9
701 1b159 1fdccda 10d5f 1ff3c6e 9518 162b0 1fd5525
1d33165 3c4e6 1fb954d 35281 1ff91ac 1fd6ca4 3c16a 1fbb609
1ffabff 1fdf921 3a719 1fc83b9 53b0 1feca0c 1ffb6f7 cf30
38c5e 1f44f90 f467c 1f2fb3a 760ed 1eff3 1f70e82 cd37a
f81a 1fcacc8 3a1ae 1fc2285 2a90f 8599 1fedd31 37f79
1ff1731 46e40 1fb06e1 4231a 1fd9694 1feaf59 2b283 1fd40ec
26e56 1fc36fe 651bd 1fc223f 2037f 26ee9 1fc05e0 5d1ea
1046e 3f9b 1fffea1 1ff981e 1ff1903 18de9 1fe9c89 1fc2c1c
1fd0bac 8b135 1f3e8b0 a1d8e 1fc6041 1fb46dc e5b43 19ce72e
1be920f a2001 1fddab1 1fc1876 8bd27 1f60796 6bcf7 1febb63
60f5 1fd56a1 1ffda54 2044d 1fc5258 3ea7d 1fe9d30 3da1
138fe 7187 6fe3 a94a 1ffc4b0 aa0e 1ffb8b9 5e6a
1fb858f 2e0a6 1ff8a93 1fc5dc8 564c1 1fab617 28512 f21
7d112 1fb9712 8968 65918 1f68193 981f3 1f86b2e f6ad
8b368 1fa148a 1ff6512 6afde 1f5587b c0281 1f797e8 16111
1fbfbda 22168 1ffb05a 1fd3dbc 1ba4a 1fe6875 1ffc357 fc7b
1ff6937 538c 1ffa900 b801 aae9 1ffb2db 1fe4019 1fe94c2
37582c 1f81037 29bc1 2c1f1 1f9b15b 60b96 1fc374e fdef
63133 1fdd19d 285a 12ba4 1fd77f0 46528 1fcad67 f242
1f96125 4014f 2e15 1fa8ed9 77f45 1f7c893 34759 24e8
1ff04fd a729 1ff6b83 16e97 1fea7bf 19e5c 1fd2d75 1978
38929 1fdcbe7 1ff40b6 3a5d0 1fa970e 5744d 1fc33b1 49d
1f70567 5334f 1ff81bd 1fa01e2 904b9 1f71f08 628fa 1fecaaf
1fa0eb0 3f704 1ffd0bd 1fd665a 6846c 1f8e90b 37497 1ff525b
52fb5 1fc4df6 1287b 3b296 1faf0a5 51a84 1fb7f33 2b21a5
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