Commit 3d603296 authored by Andrey Filippov's avatar Andrey Filippov

fixed last of the known so far errors in the DQ input delays vs DQS input delays LMA fitting

parent 07f11d45
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...@@ -2042,10 +2042,20 @@ class X393McntrlAdjust(object): ...@@ -2042,10 +2042,20 @@ class X393McntrlAdjust(object):
quiet=1): quiet=1):
""" """
@scale_w weight for "uncertain" values (where samples chane from all 0 to all 1 in one step) Run DQ vs DQS fitting for one data lane (0 or 1) using earlier acquired hard-coded data
@lane byte lane to process
@bin_size bin size for the histograms (should be 5/10/20/40)
@primary_set which of the data edge series to use as leading (other will be trailing by 180)
@data_set_number select one of the hard-coded data sets (sets 0 and 1 use comparing with the data 1 fine step below
set #2 (default) used measurement with previous primary step measurement (will not suffer from
fine range wider than on primary step)
@scale_w weight for "uncertain" values (where samples change from all 0 to all 1 in one step)
For sufficient data 0.0 is OK (and seems to work better)- only "analog" samples are considered
@return 3-element dictionary of ('early','nominal','late'), each being None or a 160-element list,
each element being either None, or a list of 3 best DQ delay values for the DQS delay (some mey be None too)
""" """
print ("proc_test_data(): scale_w=%f"%(scale_w)) if quiet < 3:
print ("proc_test_data(): scale_w=%f"%(scale_w))
compare_prim_steps=get_test_dq_dqs_data.get_compare_prim_steps(data_set_number) compare_prim_steps=get_test_dq_dqs_data.get_compare_prim_steps(data_set_number)
meas_data=get_test_dq_dqs_data.get_data(data_set_number) meas_data=get_test_dq_dqs_data.get_data(data_set_number)
meas_delays=[] meas_delays=[]
...@@ -2054,14 +2064,6 @@ class X393McntrlAdjust(object): ...@@ -2054,14 +2064,6 @@ class X393McntrlAdjust(object):
bits=[None]*16 bits=[None]*16
for b,pData in enumerate(data): for b,pData in enumerate(data):
if pData: if pData:
for inPhase in (0,1):
if pData[inPhase]:
for e in (0,1):
if pData[inPhase][e]:
bits[b]=[None]*4 bits[b]=[None]*4
for inPhase in (0,1): for inPhase in (0,1):
if pData[inPhase]: if pData[inPhase]:
...@@ -2072,14 +2074,13 @@ class X393McntrlAdjust(object): ...@@ -2072,14 +2074,13 @@ class X393McntrlAdjust(object):
if quiet<1: if quiet<1:
x393_lma.test_data(meas_delays,compare_prim_steps,quiet) x393_lma.test_data(meas_delays,compare_prim_steps,quiet)
lma=x393_lma.X393LMA() lma=x393_lma.X393LMA()
lma.init_parameters( return lma.lma_fit(lane,
lane, bin_size,
bin_size, 2500.0, # clk_period,
2500.0, # clk_period, 78.0, # dly_step_ds,
78.0, # dly_step_ds, primary_set,
primary_set, meas_delays,
meas_delays, compare_prim_steps,
compare_prim_steps, scale_w,
scale_w, quiet)
\ No newline at end of file
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