Commit 3377d53b authored by Andrey Filippov's avatar Andrey Filippov

bug fix in drp

parent bd64002a
......@@ -1929,9 +1929,11 @@ uart_print_packet 0 False False
clk_reg_addr=[[0x14,0x15], #CLKFBOUT
[0x08, 0x09],
[0x0a, 0x0b],
[0x0c, 0x09],
[0x08, 0x09],
[0x08, 0x09],
[0x0c, 0x0d],
[0x0e, 0x0f],
[0x10, 0x11],
[0x06, 0x07],
[0x12, 0x13],
return clk_reg_addr[clk_out + 1]
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