Commit 07baa42b authored by Andrey Filippov's avatar Andrey Filippov

more data to compare

parent 39faa79b
// DTT input range: -341.093520 ... 345.703701
14dc1c 177d20 161a95 eaf87 1110eb 89dfc 7be02 9f1a
137535 1845cc 105208 128bab 7ba91 f9397 12518 7b417
14e693 11edb5 186740 98d36 13d449 1fff415 ee68c 1f67056
135410 18e4b7 a7019 190573 7b65 13510b 1f8cf3f da047
13bb68 a8598 1852e1 e56b 14d9a4 1f8a3a3 12bdf8 1f2d43a
e3f49 1479ec 12b06 166273 1f6f67e 163c2d 1f0b575 15589c
aa4a3 1fcab72 1320b8 1f59d23 566bb0 1edd892 14bd35 1e930d1
4d34c 7770f 1f02f46 158018 1eef220 15d267 1e70c1d 1ad30c
1fc6715 1fa9454 1f2cc01 1f5c677 1ed915e 1ef1a0d 1ed871d 1ec8222
60219 1f1690a 1fe470b 1f02160 1f63990 1ec4c4c 1ec9ca4 1ecc9b6
1f21fa2 5aefb 1ebaa55 1fd6392 1eb8e5c 1f58bea 1ec81eb 1edf544
1066c5 1e8b6b9 7648d 1e7723b 1fd5f7d 1ebe245 1f6102f 1f00c59
1e8cf32 1017d6 1e5e56c 79710 1eb64f7 1fd0fc7 1ef57f6 1f62510
1961e0 1e48741 1364fa 1e7d543 6b776 1ecea93 1fb8a47 1f2318e
1e4e5ff 4dfad0 1e57bed 124471 1aabb59 6be3b 1f5aea0 1fb7470
23ec58 1e4afe5 1fead7 1e5ff69 f5d51 1f06c2a 86130 1fb253e
1fc6715 56bac 1f2cc01 a3989 1ed915e 10e5f3 1ed871d 137dde
1f9fde7 1f1690a 1b8f5 1f02160 9c670 1ec4c4c 13635c 1ecc9b6
1f21fa2 1fa5105 1ebaa55 29c6e 1eb8e5c a7416 1ec81eb 120abc
1ef993b 1e8b6b9 1f89b73 1e7723b 2a083 1ebe245 9efd1 1f00c59
1e8cf32 1efe82a 1e5e56c 1f868f0 1eb64f7 2f039 1ef57f6 9daf0
1e69e20 1e48741 1ec9b06 1e7d543 1f9488a 1ecea93 475b9 1f2318e
1e4e5ff 1b20530 1e57bed 1edbb8f 1aabb59 1f941c5 1f5aea0 48b90
1dc13a8 1e4afe5 1e01529 1e5ff69 1f0a2af 1f06c2a 1f79ed0 1fb253e
14dc1c 1e882e0 161a95 1f15079 1110eb 1f76204 7be02 1ff60e6
1ec8acb 1845cc 1efadf8 128bab 1f8456f f9397 1fedae8 7b417
14e693 1ee124b 186740 1f672ca 13d449 beb ee68c 98faa
1ecabf0 18e4b7 1f58fe7 190573 1ff849b 13510b 730c1 da047
13bb68 1f57a68 1852e1 1ff1a95 14d9a4 75c5d 12bdf8 d2bc6
1f1c0b7 1479ec 1fed4fa 166273 90982 163c2d f4a8b 15589c
aa4a3 3548e 1320b8 a62dd 566bb0 12276e 14bd35 16cf2f
1fb2cb4 7770f fd0ba 158018 110de0 15d267 18f3e3 1ad30c
// DTT output range: -549.382667 ... 423.390240
18a6fa 1fc91b7 21e89 1fe8120 130d4 bf7c 1fe8080 1d426
db1 1a3c1 1fc8b2d 320aa 1fe4acb 1ffb447 24861 1fc667c
1ff7b91 b96a 1fef805 142bd 1ff162f 1ff8842 df28 1fe2c8c
abcd 1fc61c6 48da7 1fbc810 2b3d0 1fffb05 1fe01bc 333c8
1ff626c 1ff5aa3 1ffdc2a 1ffe9cf 7746 1ff63c4 e6be 1fed0a5
1feb5a8 2658a 1fbfe0e 31797 1fe20e9 1ff8e10 24416 1fce434
7f2a 1fe4180 286e9 1fe8384 db79 1fff69b 1fec643 31816
ec0c 1fdf2a1 2f427 1fd1aff 11ba6 1693c 1fc31cc 1a7497
1eb23e9 18b20 1fdfe6d 1bb64 1ff6827 1ff459b 165e3 1fe1b93
1ffe3c8 1ff27c3 15d2c 1febfb8 1ffc014 1ffbaa2 1ffd806 1a9
1a5f4 1fa44e2 795d1 1f959ab 4116f 299a 1fc0975 60036
ba0c 1fd0ecc 3678f 1fca5cf 23170 686b 1fe740b 2e027
1ff4332 213da 1fd3315 26be6 1fe7e69 1ff8625 16dd9 1fe056a
9860 1ff4de0 15ba2 1ff266b cfd7 45a3 1ffb9c1 15ba5
e616 1ff125d 1b5e6 1fe9308 9615 2e82 1fec165 1ffc2bc
1fee5da 3d309 1faae54 46305 1fe22eb 1feb3cb 566f2 1ddac06
1ddac06 566f2 1feb3cb 1fe22eb 46305 1faae54 3d309 1fee5da
1ffc2bc 1fec165 2e82 9615 1fe9308 1b5e6 1ff125d e616
15ba5 1ffb9c1 45a3 cfd7 1ff266b 15ba2 1ff4de0 9860
1fe056a 16dd9 1ff8625 1fe7e69 26be6 1fd3315 213da 1ff4332
2e027 1fe740b 686b 23170 1fca5cf 3678f 1fd0ecc ba0c
60036 1fc0975 299a 4116f 1f959ab 795d1 1fa44e2 1a5f4
1a9 1ffd806 1ffbaa2 1ffc014 1febfb8 15d2c 1ff27c3 1ffe3c8
1fe1b93 165e3 1ff459b 1ff6827 1bb64 1fdfe6d 18b20 1eb23e9
1a7497 1fc31cc 1693c 11ba6 1fd1aff 2f427 1fdf2a1 ec0c
31816 1fec643 1fff69b db79 1fe8384 286e9 1fe4180 7f2a
1fce434 24416 1ff8e10 1fe20e9 31797 1fbfe0e 2658a 1feb5a8
1fed0a5 e6be 1ff63c4 7746 1ffe9cf 1ffdc2a 1ff5aa3 1ff626c
333c8 1fe01bc 1fffb05 2b3d0 1fbc810 48da7 1fc61c6 abcd
1fe2c8c df28 1ff8842 1ff162f 142bd 1fef805 b96a 1ff7b91
1fc667c 24861 1ffb447 1fe4acb 320aa 1fc8b2d 1a3c1 db1
1d426 1fe8080 bf7c 130d4 1fe8120 21e89 1fc91b7 18a6fa
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