Commit 6fc2c45f authored by Andrey Filippov's avatar Andrey Filippov

Changes from May 2022

parent f72f2a9c
......@@ -437,6 +437,7 @@ __constant__ float lpf_rb_corr[64]={ // modify if needed
0.32891038f, 0.30456742f, 0.26124917f, 0.20786692f, 0.15413642f, 0.10818204f, 0.07536856f, 0.05845371f,
0.22914618f, 0.21218686f, 0.18200779f, 0.14481729f, 0.10738418f, 0.07536856f, 0.05250797f, 0.04072369f,
0.17771927f, 0.16456610f, 0.14116007f, 0.11231618f, 0.08328412f, 0.05845371f, 0.04072369f, 0.03158414f
__constant__ float lpf_corr[64]={ // modify if needed
1.00000000f, 0.87041007f, 0.65943687f, 0.43487258f, 0.24970076f, 0.12518080f, 0.05616371f, 0.02728573f,
......@@ -447,6 +448,7 @@ __constant__ float lpf_corr[64]={ // modify if needed
0.12518080f, 0.10895863f, 0.08254883f, 0.05443770f, 0.03125774f, 0.01567023f, 0.00703062f, 0.00341565f,
0.05616371f, 0.04888546f, 0.03703642f, 0.02442406f, 0.01402412f, 0.00703062f, 0.00315436f, 0.00153247f,
0.02728573f, 0.02374977f, 0.01799322f, 0.01186582f, 0.00681327f, 0.00341565f, 0.00153247f, 0.00074451f
__constant__ float LoG_corr[64]={ // modify if needed high-pass filter before correlation to fit into float range
......@@ -1389,7 +1391,6 @@ extern "C" __global__ void combine_inter( // combine per-senor interscene co
clt += DTT_SIZE1;
mem_corr += DTT_SIZE;
......@@ -1825,7 +1826,7 @@ extern "C" __global__ void correlate2D_inner(
* Combine multiple correlation pairs for quad (square) camera: 2 or 4 ortho into a single clt tile,
* and separately the two diagonals into another single one
* When adding vertical pairs to the horizontal, each quadrant is transposed, and the Q1 and Q2 are also swapped.
* when combining tho diagonals (down-right and up-right), the data in quadrants Q2 and Q3 is negated
* when combining two diagonals (down-right and up-right), the data in quadrants Q2 and Q3 is negated
* (corresponds to a vertical flip).
* Data can be added to the existing one (e.g. for the inter-scene accumulation of the compatible correlations).
* This is an outer kernel that calls the inner one with CDP, this one should be configured as corr2D_combine<<<1,1>>>
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