Commit de39ccc5 authored by Oleg Dzhimiev's avatar Oleg Dzhimiev

removed eyei flips

parent f6909a4c
......@@ -372,13 +372,6 @@ else:
if switch ['autocampars'] == 1:
# shout("autocampars.php --init --ignore-revision")
shout("autocampars.php --init")
#flips for eyesis head cams
if (switch['eyesis'] == 1) and (switch['framepars'] != 0):
shout("wget -O /dev/null \"localhost/parsedit.php?immediate&sensor_port=3&MULTI_FLIPV=4\"")
shout("wget -O /dev/null \"localhost/parsedit.php?immediate&sensor_port=2&MULTI_FLIPV=3\"")
shout("wget -O /dev/null \"localhost/parsedit.php?immediate&sensor_port=0&MULTI_FLIPV=4\"")
shout("wget -O /dev/null \"localhost/parsedit.php?immediate&sensor_port=1&MULTI_FLIPV=3\"")
if switch['sata']==1:
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