Commit 20229ca9 authored by Oleg Dzhimiev's avatar Oleg Dzhimiev

enable default sata connection before loading the driver

parent 4aa789e7
......@@ -146,6 +146,7 @@ def init_sata(sata_en,pydir):
log_msg ("Done waiting for the FPGA", 4)
shout(pydir+"/") # Should be after modprobe? Wait for the FPGA should be before it
# the default connection is zynq <-> internal ssd
shout(pydir+"/ set_zynq_ssd")
# uncomment the line below for zynq <-> external ssd connection at boot
# shout(pydir+"/ set_zynq_esata")
shout("modprobe ahci_elphel &")
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