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# Instructions
## Build Tensorflow
git clone -b r1.15
cd tensorflow
# run from tensorflow/ root dir, link or copy from this repo
# Wait for a few hours
* Builds Bazel targets:
* //tensorflow/java:tensorflow
* //tensorflow/java:libtensorflow_jni
* //tensorflow/java:pom
* //tensorflow/tools/lib_package:libtensorflow_jni.tar.gz
* Installs generated Maven packages to local Maven repo:
* org.tensorflow.libtensorflow
* org.tensorflow.libtensorflow_jni_gpu
## Uninstall Maven packages to switch back to Maven Central
To uninstall those from the local repo it's enough to just delete them:
rm -rf ~/m2/repository/org/tensorflow/libtensorflow/1.15.2
rm -rf ~/m2/repository/org/tensorflow/libtensorflow_jni_gpu/1.15.2
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