Commit 80b9056f authored by Rurik Bugdanov's avatar Rurik Bugdanov remove container and volumes on exit

parent 0563cb76
# start the container in the background
CONTAINER=$(docker run -i \
-d \
-v $(pwd)/models:/home/elphel/x3domlet/models \
-v $(pwd)/kml:/home/elphel/x3domlet/kml \
-p 8080:8080 \
-p 35729:35729 \
x3domlet \
gulp connect) || exit
# temporize
sleep 5
# open in browser
# display container startup log
docker logs --since 0 $CONTAINER &
# attach to container
docker attach $CONTAINER
# on exit remove the container and its associated volumes
docker rm -f -v $CONTAINER
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