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adding ahci_ctrl_stat.v to

parent de42947e
......@@ -31,6 +31,7 @@ module ahci_fsm #(
input was_hba_rst, // last reset was hba reset (not counting system reset)
input was_port_rst, // last reset was port reset
// notification from axi_ahci_regs that software has written data to register
input [ADDRESS_BITS-1:0] soft_write_addr, // register address written by software
input [31:0] soft_write_data, // register data written (after applying wstb and type (RO, RW, RWC, RW1)
......@@ -43,13 +44,91 @@ module ahci_fsm #(
output [1:0] regs_re, // [0] - re, [1] - regen
output [31:0] regs_din,
input [31:0] regs_dout,
// direct communication with transposrt, link and phy layers
input phy_ready, // goes up after comreset,cominit, align, ...
output syncesc_send, // Send sync escape
// Other signals....
// Communication with ahci_ctrl_stat (some are not needed)
// update register inputs (will write to register memory current value of the corresponding register)
output update_GHC__IS,
output update_HBA_PORT__PxIS,
output update_HBA_PORT__PxSSTS,
output update_HBA_PORT__PxSERR,
output update_HBA_PORT__PxCMD,
// PxCMD
output pcmd_clear_icc, // clear PxCMD.ICC field
output pcmd_esp, // external SATA port (just forward value)
input pcmd_cr, // command list run - current
output pcmd_cr_set, // command list run set
output pcmd_cr_reset, // command list run reset
output pcmd_fr, // ahci_fis_receive:get_fis_busy
output pcmd_clear_bsy_drq, // == ahci_fis_receive:clear_bsy_drq
input pcmd_clo, //RW1, causes ahci_fis_receive:clear_bsy_drq, that in turn resets this bit
output pcmd_clear_st, // RW clear ST (start) bit
input pcmd_st, // current value
// Interrupt inputs
output sirq_TFE, // RWC: Task File Error Status
output sirq_IF, // RWC: Interface Fatal Error Status (sect. 6.1.2)
output sirq_INF, // RWC: Interface Non-Fatal Error Status (sect. 6.1.2)
output sirq_OF, // RWC: Overflow Status
output sirq_PRC, // RO: PhyRdy changed Status
output sirq_PC, // RO: Port Connect Change Status
output sirq_DP, // RWC: Descriptor Processed with "I" bit on
output sirq_UF, // RO: Unknown FIS
output sirq_SDB, // RWC: Set Device Bits Interrupt - Set Device bits FIS with 'I' bit set
output sirq_DS, // RWC: DMA Setup FIS Interrupt - DMA Setup FIS received with 'I' bit set
output sirq_PS, // RWC: PIO Setup FIS Interrupt - PIO Setup FIS received with 'I' bit set
output sirq_DHR, // RWC: D2H Register FIS Interrupt - D2H Register FIS received with 'I' bit set
// SCR1:SError (only inputs that are not available in sirq_* ones
output serr_DT, // RWC: Transport state transition error
output serr_DS, // RWC: Link sequence error
output serr_DH, // RWC: Handshake Error (i.e. Device got CRC error)
output serr_DC, // RWC: CRC error in Link layer
output serr_DB, // RWC: 10B to 8B decode error
output serr_DW, // RWC: COMMWAKE signal was detected
output serr_DI, // RWC: PHY Internal Error
// sirq_PRC,
// sirq_IF || // sirq_INF
output serr_EP, // RWC: Protocol Error - a violation of SATA protocol detected
output serr_EC, // RWC: Persistent Communication or Data Integrity Error
output serr_ET, // RWC: Transient Data Integrity Error (error not recovered by the interface)
output serr_EM, // RWC: Communication between the device and host was lost but re-established
output serr_EI, // RWC: Recovered Data integrity Error
// SCR0: SStatus
output ssts_ipm_dnp, // device not present or communication not established
output ssts_ipm_active, // device in active state
output ssts_ipm_part, // device in partial state
output ssts_ipm_slumb, // device in slumber state
output ssts_ipm_devsleep, // device in DevSleep state
output ssts_spd_dnp, // device not present or communication not established
output ssts_spd_gen1, // Gen 1 rate negotiated
output ssts_spd_gen2, // Gen 2 rate negotiated
output ssts_spd_gen3, // Gen 3 rate negotiated
output ssts_det_ndnp, // no device detected, phy communication not established
output ssts_det_dnp, // device detected, but phy communication not established
output ssts_det_dp, // device detected, phy communication established
output ssts_det_offline, // device detected, phy communication established
// SCR2:SControl (written by software only)
input [3:0] sctl_ipm, // Interface power management transitions allowed
input [3:0] sctl_spd, // Interface maximal speed
input [3:0] sctl_det, // Device detection initialization requested
output pxci0_clear, // PxCI clear
input pxci0, // pxCI current value
// inputs from the DMA engine
input dma_prd_done, // output (finished next prd)
input dma_prd_irq, // output (finished next prd and prd irq is enabled)
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