Commit 4b361952 authored by Alexey Grebenkin's avatar Alexey Grebenkin

simple tests for a new testbench

parent 992333fa
......@@ -126,13 +126,16 @@ endgenerate
// read from memory. Interface's protocol assumes returning data to delay
reg [3:0] bram_raddr_r;
always @ (posedge ACLK)
bram_raddr_r <= bram_regen ? bram_raddr[3:0] : bram_raddr_r;
assign bram_rdata = mem[32*bram_raddr_r + 31-:32];
reg [31:0] bram_rdata_r;
always @ (posedge ACLK) begin
bram_raddr_r <= bram_ren ? bram_raddr[3:0] : bram_raddr_r;
bram_rdata_r <= bram_regen ? mem[32*bram_raddr_r + 31-:32] : bram_rdata_r;
assign bram_rdata = bram_rdata_r;
// Interface's instantiation
axibram_write #(
.aclk (ACLK),
......@@ -164,7 +167,7 @@ axibram_write(
.bram_wdata (bram_wdata)
axibram_read #(
.aclk (ACLK),
......@@ -163,28 +163,28 @@ always #(CLKIN_PERIOD/2) CLK = ~CLK;
assign dut.ps7_i.FCLKCLK= {4{CLK}};
assign dut.ps7_i.FCLKRESETN= {RST,~RST,RST,~RST};
// Read address
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP0ARADDR= araddr;
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP0ARVALID= arvalid;
assign arready= dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP0ARREADY;
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP0ARID= arid;
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP0ARLEN= arlen;
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP0ARSIZE= arsize[1:0]; // arsize[2] is not used
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP0ARBURST= arburst;
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP1ARADDR= araddr;
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP1ARVALID= arvalid;
assign arready= dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP1ARREADY;
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP1ARID= arid;
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP1ARLEN= arlen;
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP1ARSIZE= arsize[1:0]; // arsize[2] is not used
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP1ARBURST= arburst;
// Read data
assign rdata= dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP0RDATA;
assign rvalid= dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP0RVALID;
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP0RREADY= rready;
assign rid= dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP0RID;
assign rlast= dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP0RLAST;
assign rresp= dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP0RRESP;
assign rdata= dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP1RDATA;
assign rvalid= dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP1RVALID;
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP1RREADY= rready;
assign rid= dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP1RID;
assign rlast= dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP1RLAST;
assign rresp= dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP1RRESP;
// Write address
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP0AWADDR= awaddr;
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP0AWVALID= awvalid;
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP1AWADDR= awaddr;
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP1AWVALID= awvalid;
assign awready= dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP0AWREADY;
assign awready= dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP1AWREADY;
//assign awready= AWREADY_AAAA;
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP0AWID=awid;
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP1AWID=awid;
// SuppressWarnings VEditor all
// wire [ 1:0] AWLOCK;
......@@ -192,23 +192,23 @@ assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP0AWID=awid;
// wire [ 3:0] AWCACHE;
// SuppressWarnings VEditor all
// wire [ 2:0] AWPROT;
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP0AWLEN= awlen;
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP0AWSIZE= awsize[1:0]; // awsize[2] is not used
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP0AWBURST= awburst;
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP1AWLEN= awlen;
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP1AWSIZE= awsize[1:0]; // awsize[2] is not used
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP1AWBURST= awburst;
// SuppressWarnings VEditor all
// wire [ 3:0] AWQOS;
// Write data
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP0WDATA= wdata;
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP0WVALID= wvalid;
assign wready= dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP0WREADY;
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP0WID= wid;
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP0WLAST= wlast;
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP0WSTRB= wstrb;
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP1WDATA= wdata;
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP1WVALID= wvalid;
assign wready= dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP1WREADY;
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP1WID= wid;
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP1WLAST= wlast;
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP1WSTRB= wstrb;
// Write response
assign bvalid= dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP0BVALID;
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP0BREADY= bready;
assign bid= dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP0BID;
assign bresp= dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP0BRESP;
assign bvalid= dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP1BVALID;
assign dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP1BREADY= bready;
assign bid= dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP1BID;
assign bresp= dut.ps7_i.MAXIGP1BRESP;
// Simulation modules
......@@ -35,9 +35,20 @@ begin
RST = 1'b1;
// #99000; // same as glbl
#9000; // same as glbl
#900; // same as glbl
repeat (20) @(posedge CLK) ;
RST =1'b0;
repeat (20)
@ (posedge CLK);
axi_write_single(32'h4, 32'hdeadbeef);
axi_read_addr(12'h777, 32'h4, 4'h3, 2'b01);
repeat (7)
@ (posedge CLK);
axi_write_single(32'h8, 32'hd34db33f);
axi_read_addr(12'h555, 32'h0, 4'h3, 2'b01);
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