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......@@ -3,53 +3,23 @@ SATA controller for x393 camera
Board: Zynq 7z30
FPGA: Kintex-7
# Install VDT plugin - see instructions on
# Clone
git clone **--recursive**
git clone
# Working on remote PC
1. sudo apt-get install ssh-askpass
2. ssh-copy-id user@ip
# Swtich between synthesis & simulation
See update below
Edit *.editor_defines*:
* simulation:
`define SIMULATION 1
* synthesis:
//`define SIMULATION 1
//`define OPEN_SOURCE_ONLY 1
Refresh the project and update hierarchy (or rescan)
**Update:** Not needed anymore with updated VDT plugin - it now calculates closure per-tool and per-top file defines,
so *.editor_defines* is now just for the editor (which branches to parse). No refresh/rescan is required.
# Simulation
* Get unisims library - refresh project files otherwise nothing will work
* Xilinx unisims license prevents it from re-distribution, so you need to get these files from
* VDT has a tool (Vivado Tools -> Vivado utilities -> Copy Xilinx Vivado primitives library to the local project) that does this
* Refresh project (Select it and press F5 key), the files will be re-scanned
# Synthesis
* Add constraints file through Synthesis parameters
* Bitstream Tool parameters - check *Force(overwrite)*
# Current step in try2 branch:
Not yet tested in hardware, started AHCI implementation (currently coded registers and DMA engine, that processes command table/PRD list,
Transfers data between clock domains, re-aligns between WORD size granularity, HBA 32-bit data and 64-bit AXI accesses.
# Current step in main branch:
Testing basic functionallity of a host.
Trying out pio access.
Fullfilling device-side drivers and monitors via tasks.
Tests are mostly manual, relied on a common sense and waveforms instpection. Still, complatible both with gtx-gpl and unisims/gtx
# Going to do afterwards:
Test dma functionallity of the host.
Make cocotb testbench - gtx-gpl only - random payload high-level verification testing purposes.
Create a base of regression tests, containing lower-level tests - both gtx-gpl and unisims/gtx.
Improve an implementation of DMA control module.
Finally decide what to do with a driver and modify application level (actally, write it from scrap) correspodning to driver's interfaces.
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