Commit 7968e5d3 authored by Andrey Filippov's avatar Andrey Filippov

GPIO pins through the sequencer too

parent 6c5ee926
......@@ -1022,10 +1022,10 @@ class X393ExportC(object):
(("X393_AFIMUX1_STATUS", c, vrlg.CMPRS_AFIMUX_REG_ADDR1 + ba, ia, z3, "x393_afimux_status", "ro", "Status of the AFI MUX 1 (including image pointer)")),
#GPIO control
#GPIO control - modified to use sequencer so any channel can control it
ba = vrlg.GPIO_ADDR
ia = 0
c = ""
c = "sens_chn"
sdefines +=[
(('_GPIO contol. Each of the 10 pins can be controlled by the software - individually or simultaneously or from any of the 3 masters (other FPGA modules)',)),
......@@ -1034,7 +1034,7 @@ class X393ExportC(object):
(('_ B - reserved (not yet used) and ',)),
(('_ C - logger (IMU, GPS, images), uses 6 pins, including separate i2c available on extension boards',)),
(('_If several enabled ports try to contol the same bit, highest priority has port C, lowest - software controlled',)),
(("X393_GPIO_SET_PINS", "", vrlg.GPIO_SET_PINS + ba, 0, None, "x393_gpio_set_pins", "wo", "State of the GPIO pins and seq. number")),
(("X393_GPIO_SET_PINS", c, vrlg.GPIO_SET_PINS + ba, 0, z3, "x393_gpio_set_pins", "wo", "State of the GPIO pins and seq. number")),
(("X393_GPIO_STATUS_CONTROL", "", vrlg.GPIO_SET_STATUS + ba, 0, None, "x393_status_ctrl", "rw", "GPIO status control mode"))]
ba = vrlg.STATUS_ADDR
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