Commit 9c8f781e authored by Oleg Dzhimiev's avatar Oleg Dzhimiev

NaNs are already taken care of

parent 2b76d3d7
......@@ -322,22 +322,20 @@ for epoch in range(lastepoch,lastepoch+len(tlist)):
gt_patch[gt_patch==-256] = np.nan
gt_patch[np.isnan(gt_patch)] = 0
#gt_patch[gt_patch==-256] = np.nan
#gt_patch[np.isnan(gt_patch)] = 0
input_patch[np.isnan(input_patch)] = 0
skip_iteration = False
if values[i,j,0]==-256 and values[i,j,1]==-256:
print("Have to SKIP!")
skip_iteration = True
# if nan skip run!
if np.isnan(np.sum(gt_patch)):
print("GT has NaNs")
skip_iteration = True
if np.isnan(np.sum(input_patch)):
print("Patch has NaNs")
skip_iteration = True
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