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no need

parent dddf1d4a
#!/usr/bin/env python3
import struct
import numpy
import tifffile
import math
def imagej_metadata_tags(metadata, byteorder):
"""Return IJMetadata and IJMetadataByteCounts tags from metadata dict.
The tags can be passed to the function as extratags.
header = [{'>': b'IJIJ', '<': b'JIJI'}[byteorder]]
bytecounts = [0]
body = []
def writestring(data, byteorder):
return data.encode('utf-16' + {'>': 'be', '<': 'le'}[byteorder])
def writedoubles(data, byteorder):
return struct.pack(byteorder+('d' * len(data)), *data)
def writebytes(data, byteorder):
return data.tobytes()
metadata_types = (
('Info', b'info', 1, writestring),
('Labels', b'labl', None, writestring),
('Ranges', b'rang', 1, writedoubles),
('LUTs', b'luts', None, writebytes),
('Plot', b'plot', 1, writebytes),
('ROI', b'roi ', 1, writebytes),
('Overlays', b'over', None, writebytes))
for key, mtype, count, func in metadata_types:
if key not in metadata:
if byteorder == '<':
mtype = mtype[::-1]
values = metadata[key]
if count is None:
count = len(values)
values = [values]
header.append(mtype + struct.pack(byteorder+'I', count))
for value in values:
data = func(value, byteorder)
body = b''.join(body)
header = b''.join(header)
data = header + body
bytecounts[0] = len(header)
bytecounts = struct.pack(byteorder+('I' * len(bytecounts)), *bytecounts)
return ((50839, 'B', len(data), data, True),
(50838, 'I', len(bytecounts)//4, bytecounts, True))
def hamming_window(x,N):
y = 0.54 - 0.46*math.cos(2*math.pi*x/(N-1))
return y
hw = hamming_window
image = numpy.array([[(255-0*25)*hw(i,512)*hw(j,512) for i in range(512)] for j in range(512)],numpy.float32)
image = image[numpy.newaxis,...]
ijtags = imagej_metadata_tags({'Labels':["Name1","Name2","Name3","Name4","Name5"]}, '<')
with tifffile.TiffWriter("multipage_test.tiff", bigtiff=False,imagej=True) as tif:
for i in range(5):, metadata={'version':'20180905', 'loop':False}, extratags=ijtags)
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