Commit 4f790793 authored by Oleg Dzhimiev's avatar Oleg Dzhimiev

added notes to the console while building

parent 1bcf5781
......@@ -183,6 +183,9 @@ kernel_do_compile_prepend() {
# 3. Our initramfs does not include any kernel modules so, we can
# reuse an old one and this will save a lot of time (around 2-3x times quicker)
if [ "$use_alternate_initrd" = "" ] && [ "${INITRAMFS_IMAGE_BUNDLE}" = "1" ] ; then
# - if it was built at some point - just bundle whatever is there
......@@ -190,11 +193,13 @@ kernel_do_compile_prepend() {
if [ ! -f ${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}/${INITRAMFS_IMAGE_NAME}.cpio.gz ] ; then
echo "${INITRAMFS_IMAGE}-${MACHINE}.cpio is not found"
bbplain "${GREEN}ELPHEL NOTE: Missing initramfs from a previous build. Will have to run the second kernel compilation pass.${NC}"
echo "Unfortunately we will have to rebuild it and bundle in the do_bundle_initramfs task"
echo "This will take a ton of time... :("
echo "There's the old ${INITRAMFS_IMAGE}-${MACHINE}.cpio from a previous build"
echo "Let's happily bundle it and save a lot of time."
bbplain "${GREEN}ELPHEL NOTE: Using initramfs from a previous build - this saves time by not running the second kernel compilation pass.${NC}"
# indicate to do_bundle_initramfs() task that initramfs was bundled
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