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# linux-elphel
Extras (drivers, etc.) and patches for the kernel
This project handles kernel drivers and driver modification for Elphel NC393 seriees cameras.
The best way to install it is by running installation script in the top project - as different parts of the camera software are inter-dependent,
and some of the required header files are generated from the Verilog code in
[x393 FPGA project](
This is Eclipse CDT project, and the [setup sctipt]( copies
project configuration (.project, .cproject, .settings) from eclipse_project_setup subdirectory.
Eclipse should be started after Linux kernel is built with `bitbake linux-xlnx` at least once
so all the required files are already present. Do noit run `bitbake linux-xlnx -c clean` while
the project is open in Eclipse - this command deletes all he staged files (kernel sources) and
Eclipse will reset all file filters, so .cproject file will have to be restored from
In Yocto project source files are staged (downloaded and optionally patched), so *clean* re-downloads
files and erases any of your files or changes if they were made in the source directory tree. This
project keeps all the modified or new files in a sparse copy of the Linux kernel tree (*src*
sub-directory) and the bitbake recepie (`bitbake linux-xlnx -c link`) adds symlinks to the actual
project files. When the full kernel is opened in Eclipse, the base kernel files are from the staging
area (so will be refreshed after `-c clean`) and the project files edits will stay safe in the *src*
The script izs used to generate filters for the kernel by collecting information - which
files where accessed during `bitbake linux-xlnx -s compile -f`, results are injected into
Code must be located in `poky/` directory. Navigate to `poky/` and run:
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