Commit 5dd588f5 authored by Oleg Dzhimiev's avatar Oleg Dzhimiev

switched from dev_warn to dev_dbg

parent c6a448b6
......@@ -847,7 +847,7 @@ inline void _processParsASAP(int sensor_port, ///< sensor port
MDP(DBGB_FASAP,sensor_port,"Calling SENSOR-SPECIFIC pgm_func[%d] ASAP, now frame = 0x%x\n",i,thisFrameNumber(sensor_port))
rslt = sensorproc->pgm_func[i + 32] (sensor_port, &(sensorproc->sensor), procpars, prevpars, -1);
// it was dev_warn - and it AFFECTED other ports
// it was dev_warn - and it AFFECTED other ports.
if (rslt < 0) dev_dbg(g_devfp_ptr,"port %d: %s:%d:%s - error=%d",sensor_port, __FILE__, __LINE__, __FUNCTION__, rslt); // Nothing to do with errors here - just report?
procpars->functions &= ~mask;
dev_dbg(g_devfp_ptr,"%s : port= %d, .functions=0x%08lx)\n",__func__, sensor_port, procpars->functions);
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