Commit 591cd788 authored by Oleg Dzhimiev's avatar Oleg Dzhimiev

don't need, subpage writes are supported

parent d4f217cf
......@@ -763,10 +763,6 @@ static int micron_nand_init(struct nand_chip *chip)
// chip->[1] is dev_id (0xa3 in Elphel 10393)
nand_micron_mt29f_init(mtd, chip->[1]);
// MT29F8G08ADBDAH4, no subpage write support
if (chip->[1]==0xa3)
chip->options |= NAND_NO_SUBPAGE_WRITE;
// Elphel: modification for Micron NAND chips
//TODO: add Micron chip ID checking
mtd->_unlock = micron_nand_unlock;
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