Commit 0910be0d authored by Mikhail Karpenko's avatar Mikhail Karpenko

Remove debug functions and excessive output

parent 0e242816
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......@@ -61,6 +61,19 @@
#define MAX_SGL_LEN 168
/** Maximum number of frames which will be processed at the same time */
#define MAX_CMD_SLOTS 4
/** Maximum number of sectors for READ DMA or WRITE DMA commands */
#define MAX_LBA_COUNT 0xff
/** Maximum number of sectors for READ DMA EXT or WRITE_DMA EXT commands */
#define MAX_LBA_COUNT_EXT 0xffff
/** Physical disk block size */
#define PHY_BLOCK_SIZE 512
/** The size in bytes of JPEG marker length field */
#define JPEG_SIZE_LEN 2
/** Include REM buffer to total size calculation */
#define INCLUDE_REM 1
/** Exclude REM buffer from total size calculation */
#define EXCLUDE_REM 0
/** This structure holds raw device buffer pointers */
struct drv_pointers {
......@@ -70,23 +83,6 @@ struct drv_pointers {
uint16_t wr_count; ///< the number of LBA to write next time
//struct fvec {
// void *iov_base; ///< pointer to allocated buffer
// size_t iov_len; ///< the size (in bytes) of allocated buffer; set after allocation and is not modified during buffer lifetime
// dma_addr_t iov_dma; ///< buffer physical address
//struct frame_vects {
// struct fvec prev_chunk; ///< remainder chunk of data from previous frame (NOT USED NOW)
// struct fvec header_buff; ///< buffer for JPEG header
// struct fvec leader; ///< JPEG leading marker, pointer to header_buff
// struct fvec exif; ///< pointer to Exif data buffer
// struct fvec header; ///< JPEG header data without leading marker, pointer to header_buff
// struct fvec stuffing; ///< stuffing bytes for frame alignment (WILL BE REMOVED AFTER SPEED TEST)
// struct kvec jpeg[2]; ///< pointers to JPEG frame data which can be split across circular buffer boundary
// struct fvec trailer; ///< JPEG trailing marker
struct frame_buffers {
struct fvec exif_buff;
struct fvec jpheader_buff;
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