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# linux-elphel
Extras (drivers, etc.) and patches for the kernel
Code must be located in `poky/` directory. Navigate to `poky/` and run:
git clone
##Generating links and headers
Links between project tree and kernel source tree are generated by Bitbake during 'unpack' task. Some required header files are automatically generated during the build process.
. ./oe-init-build-env
bitbake linux-xlnx -c clean -f
bitbake linux-xlnx -c unpack -f
bitbake linux-xlnx -f
##Importing project into Eclipse
Run Eclipse from its location directory and provide additional heap memory to it.
./eclipse -vmargs -Xmx4G
- File → Import... → General → Existing Project into Workspace
- [Next] → Select root directory → Browse → specify project location (`poky/linux-elphel/`) → [OK][Finish]
Project now is imported into Eclipse workspace.
- C/C++ General → Preprocessor Include Paths → Entries → GNU C → CDT User Settings
- [Add...] → Select "Preprocessor macros file" → `linux/include/generated/autoconf.h`[OK]
- [Add...] → Select "Preprocessor macros file" → `linux/include/linux/compiler.h`[OK]
- [Add...] → Select "Include file" → `linux/include/linux/kconfig.h`[OK]
- [OK] to close the Advanced Settings window.
- Project → C/C++ Index → Rebuild
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