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updateed help

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......@@ -43,11 +43,14 @@ examples:\n
* internal SSD, camera is powered on
* The data is on the raw partition /dev/sdb2
* The file with camogm pointers is on /dev/sdb1
* Destination path: /data/footage/test
* Whole partition in 10GB chunks:
* Whole footage based on the pointers in (/dev/sdb1) camogm.disk file in 10GB chunks:
{1}${0} -c root@ /data/footage/test{2}
* Whole partition in 1GB chunks:
* Whole footage (based on camogm.disk) in 10GB chunks but skipping the first 2 chunks:
{1}${0} -c root@ -s 2 /data/footage/test{2}
* Whole footage (based on camogm.disk) in 1GB chunks:
{1}${0} -c root@ -bc 50 /data/footage/test{2}
* 5GB in 1GB chunks, skip the first 3GBs:
{1}${0} -c root@ -bc 50 -s 3 -n 5 /data/footage/test{2}
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