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......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ What they do:
* Split footage files (movs or imgs) into separate images - tiffs ([extract_images_tiff.php](extract_images_tiff.php)) or jp4s/jpegs ([extract_images.php](extract_images.php)).
* To convert jp4s to jpegs use scripts from [**python3-convert-jp4**](, a separate repo.
* Combine/filter separate images (with different 'channels' but similar timestamps) into groups for post-processing ([]( and [eyesis4pi393/*](eyesis4pi393)).
* Batch convert tiffs to jpegs. See [lwir/](lwir/ - mogrify is aprt of imagemagick.
* Batch convert tiffs to jpegs. See [lwir/](lwir/ - mogrify is a part of imagemagick.
* Annotate any jpegs with their file names which are usually timestamps ([](
* Join jpegs (annotated or not) into mov clips - good for previewing and selecting image sets for processing (see inside [lwir/](lwir/
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