Commit ff7dbb03 authored by Oleg Dzhimiev's avatar Oleg Dzhimiev

removed old vars

parent dad367f7
......@@ -122,47 +122,13 @@ def shout(cmd):
def init_ipaddr(ip):
shout("ifconfig eth0 "+ip)
def init_mcntrl(pydir,verilogdir):
shout(pydir+"/ @"+verilogdir+"/hargs")
def init_mcntrl_eyesis(pydir,verilogdir):
shout(pydir+"/ @"+verilogdir+"/hargs-eyesis")
def init_imgsrv(port):
shout("imgsrv -p "+str(port))
#restart PHP - it can get errors while opening/mmaping at startup, then some functions fail
shout("killall lighttpd; /usr/sbin/lighttpd -f /etc/lighttpd.conf")
shout("/www/pages/exif.php init=/etc/Exif_template.xml")
def init_port(index):
sysfs_content = init_port_readsysfs("port_mux"+index)
if sysfs_content=="mux10359":
sysfs_content = init_port_readsysfs("sensor"+index+"0")
#Sensor list
#1. mt9p006
#2. mt9f002
#3. ...
if (sysfs_content=="mt9p006"):
log_msg("Port "+index+": framepars enable")
shout("wget -O /dev/null \"localhost/framepars.php?sensor_port="+index+"&cmd=init\"")
switch['port'+str(i)] = 0
log_msg("Sensor port "+str(i)+": disabled, please check device tree")
def init_port_readsysfs(filename):
sysfs_content = ""
with open("/sys/devices/soc0/elphel393-detect_sensors@0/"+filename, 'r') as content_file:
sysfs_content =
sysfs_content = sysfs_content.strip()
return sysfs_content
def init_mux10359(index):
shout("cat /usr/local/verilog/x359.bit > /dev/sfpgaconfjtag"+index)
def init_autoexp_daemon(index):
shout("autoexposure -p "+index+" -c 0 -b 0 -d 1 &")
......@@ -224,17 +190,9 @@ def disable_gpio_10389():
switch = {
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