Commit 14632e65 authored by Andrey Filippov's avatar Andrey Filippov

debugging exif, moved here other gps/imu related scripts

parent 09f51911
WWW_PAGES = /www/pages
#TODO: pass $(LN) from bitbake
LN = ln
WWW_PAGES = /www/pages/
BINDIR = /usr/bin/
VARHTML = /var/volatile/html/
CONFDIR = /etc/elphel393/
......@@ -9,7 +12,8 @@ INSTGROUP = root
PROGS = nmea2exif log_imu
SRCS = nmea2exif.c log_imu.c
OBJS = nmea2exif.o
PHPSCRIPTS= logger_launcher.php imu_setup.php start_gps_compass.php
PHPSCRIPTS= start_gps_compass.php
PHPWEB= logger_launcher.php imu_setup.php
CFLAGS += -Wall -I$(STAGING_DIR_HOST)/usr/include-uapi
LDLIBS += -lm
......@@ -27,7 +31,13 @@ install: $(PROGS)
rm -rf $(PROGS) *.o *~
......@@ -49,8 +49,8 @@
//#define EXIF_DEV "/dev/exif_meta"
//#define D(x)
#define D(x) x
#define D(x)
//#define D(x) x
// TODO: use only existing sensor channels?
const char *exif_paths[SENSOR_PORTS] = {
......@@ -345,7 +345,37 @@ void process_GPGGA(char*response, struct meta_GPSInfo_t *meta) {
/// Skip 14 = Diff. reference station ID#
void debug_meta(struct meta_GPSInfo_t *meta)
unsigned char * buf = (unsigned char *) meta;
int i;
printf("GPSLatitudeRef %c)\n", meta->GPSLatitudeRef);
printf("GPSLatitude_deg_nom 0x%x)\n",__be32_to_cpu(meta->GPSLatitude_deg_nom));
printf("GPSLatitude_deg_denom 0x%x)\n",__be32_to_cpu(meta->GPSLatitude_deg_denom));
printf("GPSLatitude_min_nom 0x%x)\n",__be32_to_cpu(meta->GPSLatitude_min_nom));
printf("GPSLatitude_min_denom 0x%x)\n",__be32_to_cpu(meta->GPSLatitude_min_denom));
printf("GPSLongitudeRef %c)\n", meta->GPSLongitudeRef);
printf("GPSLongitude_deg_nom 0x%x)\n",__be32_to_cpu(meta->GPSLongitude_deg_nom));
printf("GPSLongitude_deg_denom 0x%x)\n",__be32_to_cpu(meta->GPSLongitude_deg_denom));
printf("GPSLongitude_min_nom 0x%x)\n",__be32_to_cpu(meta->GPSLongitude_min_nom));
printf("GPSLongitude_min_denom 0x%x)\n",__be32_to_cpu(meta->GPSLongitude_min_denom));
printf("GPSAltitudeRef %c)\n", meta->GPSAltitudeRef);
printf("GPSAltitude_nom 0x%x)\n",__be32_to_cpu(meta->GPSAltitude_nom));
printf("GPSAltitude_denom 0x%x)\n",__be32_to_cpu(meta->GPSAltitude_denom));
printf("GPSTimeStamp_hrs_nom 0x%x)\n",__be32_to_cpu(meta->GPSTimeStamp_hrs_nom));
printf("GPSTimeStamp_hrs_denom 0x%x)\n",__be32_to_cpu(meta->GPSTimeStamp_hrs_denom));
printf("GPSTimeStamp_min_nom 0x%x)\n",__be32_to_cpu(meta->GPSTimeStamp_min_nom));
printf("GPSTimeStamp_min_denom 0x%x)\n",__be32_to_cpu(meta->GPSTimeStamp_min_denom));
printf("GPSTimeStamp_sec_nom 0x%x)\n",__be32_to_cpu(meta->GPSTimeStamp_sec_nom));
printf("GPSTimeStamp_sec_denom 0x%x)\n",__be32_to_cpu(meta->GPSTimeStamp_sec_denom));
printf("GPSDateStamp %s)\n", meta->GPSDateStamp);
printf("GPSMeasureMode %c)", meta->GPSMeasureMode);
for (i = 0; i < sizeof (struct meta_GPSInfo_t); i++){
if ((i & 0xf) == 0) printf("\n%02x:",i);
printf(" %02x",(int) buf[i]);
......@@ -373,8 +403,8 @@ int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
fd_exif[chn] = open(exif_paths[chn], O_RDWR);
if (fd_exif[chn] < 0) {
fprintf(stderr,"Can not open device file %s\n",exif_paths[chn]);
} else good_chns++;
} else good_chns++;
if (!good_chns){
fprintf(stderr,"Could not open any of EXIF channel device files, aborting\n");
......@@ -434,14 +464,19 @@ int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
// D(printf ("Got GPRMC\n"));
D(printf ("Got NMEA string >>%s<<\n",response+1));
process_GPRMC(response, &meta);
D(printf ("sizeof(meta)=0x%x\n",sizeof(meta)));
for (chn =0; chn < SENSOR_PORTS; chn++) if (fd_exif[chn]>=0){
lseek (fd_exif[chn],Exif_GPSInfo_GPSLatitudeRef,SEEK_END); /// position file pointer at the beginning of the data field for GPSLatitudeRef
D(printf ("filepos(%d)=0x%x\n",chn, (int)lseek (fd_exif[chn],0,SEEK_CUR)));
write (fd_exif[chn], &meta, sizeof(meta));
} else if (!memcmp(response+1,"GPGGA", sizeof("GPGGA")-1)) {
// D(printf ("Got GPRMC\n"));
D(printf ("Got NMEA string >>%s<<\n",response+1));
process_GPGGA(response, &meta);
D(printf ("sizeof(meta)=0x%x\n",sizeof(meta)));
for (chn =0; chn < SENSOR_PORTS; chn++) if (fd_exif[chn]>=0){
lseek (fd_exif[chn],Exif_GPSInfo_GPSLatitudeRef,SEEK_END); /// position file pointer at the beginning of the data field for GPSLatitudeRef
write (fd_exif[chn], &meta, sizeof(meta));
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