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# Image Compression

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Python code for developing a system to compress images in order to achieve uninterrupted frames.

The approach revolves around predicting a pixel based on the surrounding 4 pixels on the top and left.
The process is thought of like a cathode ray TV, processing each row one pixel at a time. Therefore
the 3 pixels above any nonboundary pixel and the one to the left have already been read. The goal is to then
interpolate the next point and record if there is any difference between the predicted and the actual.

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10 11 12 13 contains the working code for both the encoder and decoder, with the decoder likely commented out at the bottom.
As it is not production code there are some other items for testing that are still included in the project.
Full tester contains some of the code that was used for benchmarking, though much of it is scattered to double check numbers/be thorough.
Error image creator was used to create images of what the compressor sees and to reconstruct compressed images as another check that they were functional.

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Encoding_decoding.ipynb and PredictionMethod.pdf were created beforehand and give light to the history of the project.